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 My name is Brandon Fay, and I'd like to welcome you to Pasta By Hudson: where we bring you the farm-freshness and high quality of fine Italian dining at a fast-casual pace, using the rich variety of Italian pasta shapes and sauces to celebrate the country's culinary diversity – with our own New York flair!

Experience Rome through carbonara – a decadently creamy sauce we serve with applewood-smoked bacon and fried egg. Taste Liguria through our take on pesto – with mustard greens, baby spinach, arugula, and basil essence.  And experience the home-cooking of a traditional Sicilian nonna through our white-sausage bolognese: a recipe taken directly from one of our best friends' grandmothers. (Don't worry, we always include an old-school pomodoro red sauce on our menu if you're looking for something simple and cozy!)

Our short but sweet menu gives our diners the option of several pasta shapes – and sauces. Try traditional pairings – or mix it up!

Everything at Pasta by Hudson is made fresh daily in front of our guests, who can choose to “EAT IT NOW” or “EAT IT LATER”.   We even sell our Fresh "PASTA BY THE LB.".

We’ve made a pledge to our guests, our community, and to the Earth, that we will only use eco-friendly and responsible disposable to-go containers and utensils for our food.

So, who is Hudson?  Hudson is our 3-year old daughter who has a personality as big as New York City and has loved PASTA ever since she began to eat solid food.  She is our inspiration.

 Pasta by Hudson brings the best of Italian “slow food” culture to even the busiest workday lunch.  When your busy work day schedule is too hectic to cook a simple fresh meal, allow us to do it for you.   There is a lot of Heart, Flavor and Personality here.  We can’t wait to meet you, and have you enjoy Pasta by Hudson.

Ciao Ciao for now,

Pasta By Hudson